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When universal basic income (UBI) comes to the Kenyan village of Kogutu, lives are forever changed. GiveDirectly, one of the fastest growing nonprofits of the 21st century, is sending free money for twelve years as part of the world’s largest UBI experiment. Filmmakers Lauren DeFilippo and Sam Soko juxtapose the story of these young economists, bankrolled by Silicon Valley and convinced that they have found an infallible algorithm to end world poverty, with portraits of local Kenyans whose lives are being dramatically impacted for better and for worse.

Festivals: TIFF 2022, IDFA 2022

Directors: Lauren DeFilippo & Sam Soko

Cinematography: Vanessa Carr, Nyasha Kadandara, Wambui Muigai

Production Company: Insignia Films & LBx Africa

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